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Luxury Facial Spa Services

Proven med spa facial treatments that help you care for the skin that cares for you.

Our Skin Care Services

Skin Care: Your body’s first line of defense

Your skin is an integral part of your overall health.

Properly caring for your skin not only feels amazing, but is also crucially important to your body’s wellness.  The skin has many important jobs to do. Providing a great first impression to the outside world is a start, but your skin also plays multiple roles in helping to maintain your health, including:

  • Temperature regulation
  • Sensation
  • Vitamin production
  • Immune protection
  • Exterior barrier for body systems
  • Positive self-image

Piedmont Injury Massage located in downtown Hoschton offers facial spa services that merge the luxurious feeling of beautiful skin with all the health benefits of caring for your body’s largest protective organ.

Start your skin care or massage therapy journey today.

A local facial spa for all your skin care needs

No one else has your skin. Therefore, no one else has your skin care needs. Our digital skin analysis utilizing Optic Slim advanced aesthetic imagery gets down to the root of your skin issues and helps provide a personalized path for your best skin care plan.

We offer the following facials to build a customized skin care plan perfect for you.

CIDESCO-Certified esthetician and massage therapist

Experience and training matter when trusting your skin to a professional. Hart is a CIDESCO-Certified Esthetician and Massage therapist. She specializes in advanced skincare and massage focused on your unique concerns.

We offer the following facials to build a customized skin care plan perfect for you.

Fundamental Facials

This 5-step facial process uses professional products made with natural ingredients and is the building block of all facials. While the process may be fundamental, the results are everything but basic.

Advanced Facials

For an advanced facial, we work together to determine what your skin needs. This could include a combination of Dermaplaning, TAMA Microcurrent, Nana-Needling, or Micro-Dermabrasion.

Chemical Peels

The intensity of this peel is customized to you. Chemical peels promote skin renewal by exfoliating dead skin cells and polishing and smoothing the skin – leaving it feeling and looking fabulous.

Hydrafacial MD

Looking for clearer, more radiant skin without downtime or discomfort? Hydrafacial MD is a type of hydra-dermabrasion that blends multiple facial therapies into one fully customizable gentle treatment.

TAMA Microcurrent (Focus Area)

Take years off your skin painlessly and without surgery by tightening, toning, and lifting in minutes with TAMA Microcurrent therapy.

Healthy and luminous skin awaits.

At Piedmont Injury Massage, you never have to choose between pre-packaged services. Our focus is on your concerns and how our individual services can be combined for facial spa treatments that are as one-of-a-kind as you are. Book your appointment today.

We’re Here to Serve You

Piedmont Injury Massage is a full-time, hands-on service. Book a consultation today to begin your personalized path to recover, wellness and overall skin health.

Massage Services

We specialize in soft tissue injury, including sprains, strains and tears and help you get back to feeling normal again!

Skincare Services

Tighten and tone your face with our digital skin analysis and advanced skin treatments for all skin types.

FSM Services

Isolate different parts of tissue in the body that is causing pain or discomfort without the discomfort of stripping the muscle.

We look forward to working with you!

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