Hart helps your recovery.

Piedmont Injury Massage specializes in pain management and muscle recovery. These types of injuries can come from everyday life or after surgery. Massage can be benefit to you even if the damage was a long time or happened. We can help you with your recovery.

Piedmont injury massage is full-time hands-on for service. You pay for the time, not the type of massage. Gratuity is never needed, always appreciated. We also have Unique skincare in tightening and toning the face with minor skin irregularity improvements.

Massage Services

Experiencing pain from sprains, strains and tears? We can help!

Unique Skincare

Tighten and tone your face with our  digital skin analysis and advanced skin treatments.

Meet Hart

CIDESCO-certified Esthetician and Massage Therapist, Hart specializes in advanced skincare & massage.

Hydrafacial Rejuvenates Skin

Hydrafacial Rejuvenates Skin!

Clearer, more radiant-looking skin with no downtime! Hydrafacial provides deeper exfoliation than most facials, while enabling intense product penetration.

$100 off when booked today.

$225 (REG $325)

Hart is an amazing massage therapist and esthetician! She is very attentive to the areas that are needing attention, gives options and advice on how to treat, and has such a sweet personality.”


Hart worked on my stiff and painful back and hips. She found all the painful spots and worked with expertise. I got to sleep two nights in a row and had more mobility. I would recommend Hart to anyone looking for relief.”


Results-Oriented Massage

At our clinic, we offer therepeutic massage with results. We are not a “fluff” spa – you will feel relief and see results!

Unique Skincare

Get down to the root of skin issues with our digital skin analysis. Skincare treatments are then catered to your specific needs.

Experienced Therapist

As a CIDESCO-certified Esthetician and Massage Therapist, Hart specializes in advanced skincare such as microcurrent, LED, Skin Classic, and other innovative skin treatments. As a massage therapist, she employs several different techniques such as sports massage, myofascial release, and reflexology.

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Half Day at Spa

Platinum Hydrafacial, Therapeutic Massage (60m) and Refelexology (30m)

$375 (VALUE $500)

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